Astra Broadband Group ltd.

Full Package Info.


  • Full installation of superfast broadband to your property.

(Spreading of Wi-Fi around a property or premise can be achieved and can be quoted for separately.)

  • Assistance with Grant applications if applicable.
  • Full Access to exclusive Data packages deals via a number of our partners including EE, O2 & Vodaphone. Please keep in mind your choice may be limited by your properties location and position in respect to the local mobile masts.
  • External Delta D1 device with Preconfigured settings to maximise Speeds at your property.
  • Parts including cabling (limited to 20 Metres), mounts & brackets.
  • Internal TP Link Router with 3 antennas for increased Wi-Fi range.
  • A PowerPoint has to be available within a reasonable distance to the internal Router point.
  • Labour unless additional work needs to be carried out and has been agreed by both parties
  • All though we are able to assist in getting you up and running and help you get used to having high-speed broadband it is not the responsibility of Astra Broadband Group to get each of your devices connected to the Wi-Fi as this often means revealing passwords and or connecting multiple phones, tablets, printers & computers. This depending on the age and condition of can take multiple hours.
  • Engineers have the right to refuse any request for device location if it is deemed too dangerous. This can include loose or moss covered roof tiles, damaged building structures, in too close vicinity to an unstable tree or location covered in ivy etc.
  • If the location for the unit requires roof access or chimney mounting, or special heights or two man team, then additional cost may be incurred.