What extras are available once you are up and running?

Once Astra Broadband has finished your installation and you are receiving superfast broadband there are a number of other services that you may be interested in such as:


VoIP Phone (internet phone – allows you to keep your existing landline number and have a full landline service without the need to pay line rental. Please ask for more information on this.

Wi-Fi Spreading – If you are having difficulty picking up the new signal on the other side of your property or wish to have it spread to other rooms in the house. (Please see price guide below.)

Wi-Fi Bridging – If you would like the Wi-Fi spreading to another building then that is not a problem. This can either be done via running a cable or using a wireless bridging system. (Please see price guide below.)


All work detailed below is subject to a fixed price plan (please see below) for equipment and all labour is charged at an hourly rate of £50 +VAT


Wifibridge units 2.4Ghz                                                                                                  £54.99

Wifibridge units 2.4Ghz x2                                                                                             £99.99

Wifibridge units 5Ghz                                                                                                     £74.99

Wifibridge units 5Ghz x2                                                                                                £139.99

TP Link single band router Each                                                                                    £39.99

TP Link duel band router  Each                                                                                      £54.99

6x6 galvanised wall bracket  Each                                                                                  £6.00

6 Foot pole  Each                                                                                                            £8.00

U bolts for 6x6 Each                                                                                                        £4.00

TP-LINK RE450 WiFi Range                                                                                          £84.99

TP-Link TL-PA411KIT 500Mbps Nano Powerline Home Plug Twin Pack                       £34.99

TP-LINK WPA4220 WiFi Powerline Adapter Kit - AV600, Twin Pack                             £52.99

All Cable supplied for fitting will be Cat 5 or better and will be charged at 50 pence per metre.