Here at Astra we have set ourselves on a mission!

Quite simply we want to provide you with high speed broadband.

Your probably thinking to yourself that you have heard it all before. Well so have we and that is why we are proud to introduce our new Cellular broadband system. Capable of achieving speeds anywhere from 30mbs all the way up to 100mbs and allowing you to have a wireless Wifi signal around your home or office.

Not only that but the extra benefit of these devices is that you no longer need a landline! Meaning you can save even more each month.

How you ask?

Well to start with we fix a small device to the outside of your property, no wider than 14cm. This device acts as a very clever router and has an extremely sensitive antenna which makes picking up a signal from a mast miles away an absolute breeze.

If you still have doubts as to whether it works, then just ask yourself the following. Do you get a mobile signal at home? Does it improve when you wave your phone in the air? Yes well the same principle works with our devices. Because we are able to mount it high up on a pole or existing antenna it will always receive a clearer signal which means a better speed.


Is it expensive?

Pricing and packages.


The total cost to have our broadband solution fitted is £950.

This will include.

  • Grant eligibility check
  • Coverage survey either onsite or digitally
  • Grant application advice and walkthrough
  • Data contract advice and walkthrough
  • Purchase and configuration of your new device
  • Onsite installation at a time to suit you!


In most cases a grant can be secured by either the Welsh Broadband access Cymru Scheme or the English BDUK scheme.  Welsh customers are able to receive funding of up to £800, The BDUK scheme will offer up to £350


We are able to offer a variety of packages across networks such as EE, Vodaphone & 02

Below are the current packages offered by EE and all are inclusive of VAT






30GB 30 day rolling £30
50GB 12-18 months £35
100GB 12-18 months £45
200GB 12-18 months £60


Prices for all other networks are available and will be happy to discuss these in more detail.


What about the cost each month?

Now this is where we start to make the system unique to yourself.

Depending on the data provider you use there are many tariffs available. I have a few examples that will give you a great idea on what you will be spending each month. This one is from EE. It is a 30-day rolling contract, giving you 30GB per month for a cost of £30; this is ideal as it gives you a good idea about the amount of data you need without tying yourself into a long contract. There is also a package for 100GB for £75 per month or 200GB for £100 per month; although the cost of this is obviously higher than many on the market, the cost per Gigabyte is much lower and is ideal for high data users. Once you have signed up to a package with a provider, you can then negotiate with their retentions department to adjust them to your needs.

If you decide that 30gbs is not enough and need more we are always working on getting you the best deals available and as soon as we have the one for you we will swap out your old sim card at no extra cost to yourself.

The help doesn’t stop there!

There are usually government grant options available to help with the cost of installation, run by either local or central government. We will with advise you on how much help is available and how accessible the schemes are, depending on your location.

Please do ask us about these schemes as they can make all the difference when it comes to making high speed broadband a reality for you!


If you have any questions or just wish to have a chat about your options we would love to hear from you.

Please feel free to call me on 07877597527 or email us at

We look forward to being your solution to rural broadband.