Astra Group Movie Streaming

Popping down to the local blockbuster is really now a thing of the past, we used to head down there to rent the latest film, come back with a VHS tape or DVD and then drop it back the next day. After that came postal movie rentals, choose your film, it would be in the post in the next couple of days and then you'd pop by a postbox to send it back once you've watched it.

Now, you have the option of simply downloading a movie online, or streaming it straight to your television or PC - it automatically disappears when your rental period is over - so there's very little wait and no need to find time to send it back.

As the majority of these services recommend a minimum broadband speed of 2 Mbps for standard movie download or streaming and up to 12 Mbps if you're looking to watch a HD movie!

So what happens if you want to use these services but have been told you can't get fast broadband internet where you are? Well the simple answer is you can't! Unless you choose Astra 4G solutions.