Astra Broadband FAQ's

4G Broadband is obtained by making use of the mobile mast network. Using the same technology that brings the internet to your mobile phone and tablets we install bespoke professionally mounted 4G receivers to your property to optimise the performance of the available signals and provide you with Super fast broadband.

With the speed of 4G broadband being dependant on location we offer a free full survey where an engineer will visit the property to tell you what exact speeds you can achieve. Please give us a call on 01873 776180 to book your survey now.

In some cases you will find that your current provider will let you out of your contact if they are not meeting there minimum service standard as stated in the contract. This also applies if your current system frequently looses connection or has periodically has a drop in speed.

Astra Broadband can configure our systems to work with all network providers. Including Three, EE, Vodafone & 02. It will be dependent on what signals are available at the property however this can be discussed during a site survey.

To book your survey now please call on 01873 776180

Your ongoing monthly contract will be with your network service provider. This could be Three, EE, Vodafone or O2.

Astra Broadband will configure your equipment and install to your property. We will also supply you with a 12 month guarantee however you do not enter into a contract unless you wish to take out additional service plans after your warranty period.

The device is 14cm in diameter. Pictures of this device can be seen on our website on the home page.

These devices are IP65 rated and tested in the harshest conditions. They are fitted directly to the property to avoid any movement from strong winds. Rain, Snow & other bad weather conditions do not affect the performance of this device.

One major benefit of using 4G broadband is the low latency (ping). This on average is around 45ms when compared to say 800ms on satellite broadband. Also the high data bundles and in some cases unlimited broadband then you can game and stream all you want.

The broadband is delivered to the property wirelessly however it is then bought inside via cable to an internal dual band domestic router that will put out Wi-Fi. This will still be encrypted with a username and password as normal.

Yes one of the many benefits of having a superfast broadband delivered without the need of the old phone line you can now do away with paying the line rental.

With Astra VoIP service you can keep your existing landline number but have unlimited calls within the UK to mobiles and Landlines for only £12.50 + Vat.

All provided through the internet.

Please see VoIP page for more information.

4G Broadband is delivered wirelessly so no phone line is needed. All the equipment you need to get you up and running will be provided by Astra Broadband.